Disneyplus.com/begin - Enter 8 Digit Code

Disneyplus.com/begin is the part of Hotstar which is then a further branch of it. Disney Hotstar has various TV shows, movies, news, sports, etc. You can enjoy these many things on Disney plus begin Hotstar. It is also known for video streaming applications. It is live streaming of videos, shows, and sports. Even you can buy the newly released movies on Disney Hotstar.

The Disney Hotstar is free as well as subscribe, the combination of both. Some shows are free and some of them are premium i.e you have to pay to subscribe or watch the show. The live shows, live news, live sports are being provided by Disney Hotstar. The foreign countries have also contributed to the Disneyplus.com/begin Hotstar for their channels, movies, and shows. The other country shows are also now being shown on Disney Hotstar. It is totally a package of whole television. The channels like HBO, Sony Pictures, Showtime, etc. are shown by Disney Hotstar.

Create an account on Disneyplus.com/begin

  1. 1. The first thing is to open your browser or device.
  2. 2. Then in the search tab type www.hotstar.com. and click on the search option.
  3. 3. The website page will appear, from that select the original site of Hotstar.
  4. 4. Select or click on the official site of Disneyplus.com/begin Hotstar.
  5. 5. Then the main page will on the screen in front of you.
  6. 6. After that find the menu option on the page.
  7. 7. There will be two horizontal dash or lines above in the left corner.
  8. 8. Then click on that menu option. After that, you will see the shop option.
  9. 9. Click on the Shop option.
  10. 10. After that, you will enter the page where various shows are there.
  11. 11. Again on that page in the upside corner to left, you will again see two horizontal lines.
  12. 12. Which is the menu option, click on that menu option.
  13. 13. Now there you have to click on the sign-in option. If you already have an account then just sign in.
  14. 14. For new users click on create an account option below it.
  15. 15. Then enter your first name, last name, email address, mobile number, password, then your gender and date of birth.
  16. 16. Tick in the box below for getting updates and now click on Create Account option.
  17. 17. Then you will receive a mail, open the mail and confirm the account.

Tv and Disney Hotstar connection

  1. 1. If your TV is a smart TV then you don't require any device to be connected to the TV.
  2. 2. The application is already present on the latest Android smart TVs.
  3. 3. But if you have an ordinary nonandroid TV, then you require a Hotstar stick device.
  4. 4. Then connect the device to tv and get the Hotstar on your ordinary TV.
  5. 5. Now switch on the TV and then you will see four codes on TV. Note down the code or let it be as it is.
  6. 6. On other hand open the browser of your PC or smartphone. Search for Disneyplus.com/begin Hotstar or hotstar.com.
  7. 7. Then open the Hotstar website or sign-in page. Then sign in with your account.
  8. 8. After that go for the Activation option in the menu option.
  9. 9. Then enter the mobile number or email address, then get an OTP code.
  10. 10. Then that enter the four-digit Activation code displayed on the TV.
  11. 11. Enter that code and there and click on the continue option below.
  12. 12. Then the TV and account of Hotstar will connect each other.

Free subscription on Disney Hotstar

  1. 1. To get the free subscription open the Disney Hotstar application.
  2. 2. Then after that sign in with your account and connect the TV and account.
  3. 3. Now search for the channels which have no premium on them.
  4. 4. Click on the channels that have a free subscription without paying for it.
  5. 5. Actually, the channels with premium are not free, you have to buy these channels.
  6. 6. Here the free trial channel will activate on Disneyplus.com/begin.