Senell Cunningham

Senell Cunningham

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder, mentor and CEO of iSecure LLC, Senell is the force behind this organizations's tremendous growth. He has been instrumental in converting iSecure LLC from a start-up to a very successful IT behemoth in a short span of time. He believes in building long term partnership with customers by gaining insights into their spoken and unspoken needs, and addressing them proactively.

Senell has a rich experience in creating global business strategies and marketing blueprints for enterprises, fuelling further expansion and development.

With a protracted Experience (40+ years) in handling business operations, Senell Cunningham knows exactly how to bring up the right Product/Service in front of our customers. Being a graduate of Hospitality and Hotel administration, Senell acknowledges the significance of good management. He has completed a decade long journey with Sheraton® | Jamaica, USA? and has contributed diligently to raise the profit levels and garner long-lasting relationships with the customers.

Senell is a passionate chess player and environmentalist. He has introduced several initiatives for a greener and healthier planet. His vision lies in the statement: Customers First.