With the advent of technology in all spheres of life, it has become mandatory for the tertiary sector to reorganize its operations with growing customer expectations. Call Center Outsourcing company’s share in the economy is three trillion dollars. This industry includes business players giving telecommunications services, call center services, satellite D2H providers, business content providers, cable and applications service providers, and cloud telecommunication providers.

The marriage of cloud with the telecom sector has been the talk of the town ever since. The investment made by telecoms in availing cloud services is $200 billion which shows that this industry is ready to embrace the emerging technologies such as chatbot and IoT. As reported by the Economic Times, “In 2025, IDC predicts that 49% of the world’s stored data will reside in public cloud environments.” They are expected to change with the ever-changing time. Because of this, a new demand for humongous data centers for the future would arise.

To potentially exploit the IoT (Internet of Things) and AI-based services such as chatbot, the telecom industry is venturing into new horizons to restyle themselves and open vistas for treading on adjacent lines like setting up of 100 smart cities by the Government of US. The telecom industry provides undying business expansion as 70% of the population is rural and telecom services are used only by approximately 58% of the total population as of July 2018.

Government’s National Digital Communication Policy has been launched with an aim to provide communication services to the remaining population and attract investments up to $100 billion and to generate 4 million jobs by 2022. Despite the dearth of adequate communication services, US ranks second in the world in terms of total internet consumers. Growing customer expectations have also put pressure on the telecommunication sector to go online , to overcome the digital ordeals the telecom sector is adopting the means of online reputation management services.

The government is also planning to launch a National e-Governance Plan through the Department of Information and Technology. Under this scheme, the government would set up approximately 1 million internet providing service centers. To boost foreign Direct Investment in this industry the government has increased the cap to 100% from the earlier 74%. This FDI is for investors who are interested in building infrastructure for the industry like setting architecture for manufacturing dark fibre, building towers, surveillance monitoring and, providing effortless resolutions with call center services.

US giants of the telecom industry are transforming their businesses by introducing Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology. Their competitors are not far behind. They are trying to build a similar tech “Low Power Wide Area Network”. It is based on LoRaWAN technology which is being developed to target the government’s projects like Smart City Mission.

Brand new 5G technology in US is being collaborated with IoT to enable more than a million devices per square mile. According to a White Paper published by International Data Corporation (IDC), "However, signals from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, metadata (vital for analytics, contextualization, artificial intelligence [AI]), and productivity data are showing even faster growth in today's increasingly digitized world." But, 5G technology demands regimes based on new and smart policies, which can only be fulfilled with re-defined online reputation management services.

The constant need for connectivity among the Millennials has increased the need for telecoms to establish their customer care services. In the internet age, industries in this sector are striving to outdo others in the online war of building a better online reputation.

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